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Updates for Friday, July 4

Congratulations to our new International Officers and Region Presidents


 Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!

Travel safely and enjoy the ride.

Flea Market – 8:45-11:00 Flea Market Open.  8:30 handicap enter.

Gillette Rally items for sale with all proceeds going to common cents.

WBCCI 4th of July Parade and closing Ceremony 4:00pm Spirit Hall.

If you would like to stay the night of the July 5th see June Ryan.  The cost is $26.00.




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Updates for Thursday, July 3

The July 3 seminar on towing will be presented by Chuck Helwig.

Too much happy hour for the pup.

Too much happy hour for the pup.

The rally must be winding dooowwwwnnnnnnn.   No more updates in sight.

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Updates for Wed., July 2

Good morning, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  High today 78 degrees,  winds 5-10 mph

Photo Print Contest/Art show  8am-11am

Hobby Show Creations & Collections viewing 1pm-3pm

Today’s Header Photo is by Lynda Polk, titled “Sunny Skies over Gillette”

Open social hour in Boxelder at the VAC tent- everyone welcome!

If you haven’t seen Devils Tower up close and personal yet,  join us for a ranger led walk around the Tower tomorrow July 3rd.   The tower is 63 miles east on I 90 and state 14.   After the walk we will have lunch in Hulett at the Ponderosa Cafe.  Please sign up at the information booth.  We will meet at the VAC tent 8am for carpooling or meet us at the Tower.

Results of the elections and votes at the Delegate’s Meeting

Reprinted from the Region 3 Newsletter, by Jay Thompson

 The results of the elections and votes on amending the constitution are:

International President-Joe Perryman

International 1st VP-Jim Schwerdfeger

International 2nd VP-Richard Girard

International 3rd VP-Jim Cocke

Two candidates announced from the floor that they were running for the 3rd VP position.  They were June Ryan currently the Chairman of the budget Committee and former Region 8 President and Barry Bell, the outgoing President of Region 5

The vote count was:     Jim Cocke-3578            June Ryan-910          Barry Bell-367

There were three candidates for the two positions on the Nominating Committee. Jay Thompson and Tom Smithson were elected.

All three amendments to the constitution passed by large margins.

  • Amendment #1 to allow clubs in foreign countries to become members passed with 100% of the vote.
  • Amendment #2 to permit movement of the International  Rally away from July 1 and July 4 passed 4779 “yes” to 29 “no”.
  • Amendment #3 to allow the optional payment of dues via electronic means passed 4562 “yes” to 234 “no”.

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Updates for Tuesday, July 1

Tuesday  –   Happy Canada Day!


Learn about the 2015 International Rally at Farmington NM.   2-3 p.m. in Spirit Hall

Visit the Farmington 2015 International Rally Facebook Page while you’re at it.  There’s lots to do and see in Farmington.

New Seminar added:
How to Boondock in your Airstream     July 1   3:00 PM to 4:00 PM        Gillette Room

Historic downtown  Gillette Tour  2:30pm.  Cost $5.00  Sign up at Information Desk in Frontier Hall

The seminar on Water heaters is from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., not 2 – 3 pm  as is printed in the Rally Program.

Results from June 30 Delegates Meeting.

Jim Cocke was elected 3rd Vice President

Tom Smithson and Jay Thompson were elected to the Nominating Committee

Three motions were passed by the Delegates:

  • Process for establishing the new Australian WBCCI Unit
  • Extending the calendar window for holding the International Rally
  • Amending the constitution to allow future renewal of club does to be done online, at


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